Thursday, July 10, 2003

I have sweat running down my back and the room is full of screws and acoustic foam.
Thats what it means to install this case. jesus, talk about a tight fit. so tight in fact that i cant close the damn thing, so at the moment my totally silent PC is LOUDER than it was 4 hours ago. jeez what a downer.
I think I might summon the enr=ergy to hammer the thing shut in the morning but Im knackered...
And i had trouble connecting the reset button, LEDS and speaker without it beeping lots and not shutting dwon.
at least the hard drives and Mobo survived though. I had to swap processor fans because my 2 fan-array knocked up against the case in its original state. methinks I now have the noiser fan running, so Ill try swapping them in the morning...
so no code done tonite...

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