Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moving from blogger

I'm thinking of moving the blog to the positech site. anyone recommend any decent blogging software I can install easily?

Today I got some work done on kudos 2, then dealt with some crap on the internet. It seems every COD 4 game is full of children being abusive to each other. I also got loads of pathetic abuse from game devs on some forum. For some reason, whole swathes of people in 'the industry' hate my guts and are constantly abusive to me. Interestingly, they act the same way towards Derek Smart. I think the problem is that me and Derek are our own boss, work from home on games we design, love and enjoy working on. There are a *lot* of bitter spiteful people in the industry who hate that, and they deal with it by hurling abuse at us.
Fuck em, I earn more than I did when I did their job, and work at home when I feel like it. Sucks to be them :D I like to keep my customers happy, but the industry can be sniffy at me if they like. I don't need them.

Ho hum.

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