Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Todays code

Some stuff I've got done so far:

Added new solo (not sure about this) activity for Sundays -> Go To Church. this is a way to raise honesty (there are other ways). Considering that honesty in the game is more about being law abiding, I think i can get away with this. Its very debatable. i could say that it reduces your 'reasoning', but I'd get attacked for that. hmmm.

Persuasive ability is now part of NPCs deciding to accept social invites, as is the extent to which they are introverts or extraverts, and their liking of the proposed activity.

Law enforcement jobs now have honesty as a criteria for applying.

Optimism is now a factor in your characters happiness.

I'm just doing the code for job applications being affected by persuasion.

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