Sunday, March 16, 2008

Movie titles

It's sunday, so in traditional style I'm trying not to spend *too much* time working today. Although one thing I got started on was new movie titles and taglines for Kudos 2. The movies are all supposed to have slightly silly tongue in cheek names and descriptions such as:

Royal Icing
Princess stephanie hates the pressures of royal life, until the new cake expert starts work at the palace.

Hive Mind
When mild-mannered beekeeper edgar scott wins the nobel prize for mathematics, it's just the start of his adventures.

etc etc. I know they won't win any comedy awards, but its good to have something slightly entertaining, rather than deadpan crap that looks procedurally generated.

On my list of things to do today are to
1) eat a creme egg whilst in the bath. I've never done this before and have slight suspicions it may be the most awesome experience imaginable.

2)reassign some money at My first loan got repaid yesterday, so it's time to go help out another entrepreneur. If you can spare $25 for a year, you should check it out.

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