Thursday, April 24, 2008

Movies in Kudos 2

Apart from other stuff, today I'm doing some of the new movies you can see for Kudos 2. I'm trying to make it so that all of the 'content' in the old game is replaced with newer stuff, so people don't feel like they are getting the old stuff again.
One change I'm making is to give watching a movie more varied effects.
In the past, all thrillers were the same, all comedies the same etc. Some would be better or worse quality (the movie guide told you which) so you had that, but you didn't really care about the movie descriptions and titles, other than hopefully finding them a bit funny.
This time, the movie title and description is a clue to the more complex effects of the movie.

So if you invite some friends to go see "The happy puppy" ' a hilarious tale of animated dogs and the fun they have!' Then the film is likely to make you happier. whereas if you go to see "Vladimirs funeral" 'three hour epic telling the tragedy of the potato famine in cold war ukraine", then it might make you less happy, and maybe bored, but also raise your culture and knowledge.
Some films will be boring, others exciting, some will make you pessimistic, or optimistic, or even help you learn a bit of foreign languages.

I like it when games give you clues as to what the consequences of your decisions will be, without waving it in your face like you are an idiot :D.

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