Thursday, February 21, 2008

Printscreen can make you look a dork.

And today I notice someone posting screenshots of what he claims are a bug in democracy 1 (a VERY old version of D1) on my forums. Turns out his desktop sized screenshots clearly show the link to a torrent of the game on his desktop. What a dork.

A quick email search shows he certainly didn't buy the game from me.

His only other forum post was a review, presumably written by him, giving the game 5/10.

Account deleted.

WTF is wrong with these people? I don't give it a damn if my game isn't running perfect for you if you have a pirate copy. the chances are, its bundled with all kinds of crapware that I know nothing about. you might as well go complain to rolex about the quality of the dodgy watch you bought from a bloke in the pub.

It amazes me that people can't see that if they steal a product, they have lost ALL ability to influence the business that makes it in any way whatsoever.
Pirates are commercially invisible. your desires, opinions and likes are totally irrelevant to people. We don't make stuff for you, nor will we ever do so. We spend our time dealing with those honest people who buy our stuff.
My next game, and all future projects, are aimed at the 30+ audience. I give up on 'da kidz'. I hope they enjoy pirating the few games still aimed at them.


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