Saturday, March 01, 2008

Future Plans

Occasionally I think about what to do with Positech Games in the medium to long term, like 2009 onwards. I know I'm doing a sort of Kudos 2 this year, but what about further on?
I have thought about a few possibilities...

1) Carry on doing the same sort of thing. I have a t least 2, maybe 3 good new game design ideas I can work on. One of them at least should sell ok, so that should keep thing going along as they do now.

2) Attempt to move onto consoles. Maybe do a wii game on XBLA. Possibly this would earn more money, but its almost impossible for a one man dev without *connections* to get this opportunity.

3) Move into doing online-enabled games. Maybe not quite an MMO, but a game with a lot more on-line integration. That eliminate a lot of the piracy hassle.

4) Stick with what I do best. Kudos and Democracy. there is a market for them, and I know what I'm doing, so do regular yearly updates and expansions and sequels, or maybe just keep patching and fixing the current versions in order to make them more attractive to buyers.

I guess once K2 is finished I'll have more information on what to do. I'll have long term sales figures for D2, the dollar may be weaker or stronger, and piracy may get worse or better.
It's good to think ahead though...

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