Thursday, March 06, 2008


So here I am working on Kudos 2. the game is progressing in both code and art terms, and even in music, but I am still struggling with some aspects of the design.

What I'm trying to avoid is the game being this:

Kudos 2 : The same but shinier

Which is what it might appear to be, if it doesn't have a definite direction. Now with most 'casual' games, the game mechanic is very one dimensional, and the game is easily 'themed'.
(Shop Management XIII - Now in a different town! etc...).
My problem is that Kudos 1 covered LIFE. So what exactly does Kudos 2 cover?
Something I'm currently working on is the idea that you have a target in Kudos 2 that is imposed by someone else. basically, a wealthy relative will leave you $1,000,000 at age 30, if he judges you have led a 'worthy' life up to that point.
So the game is about 'doing the right thing'.

It's the same game style as before, make friends, get a good job, stay happy etc etc, but there is a subtext of making sure you are a good person. So becoming an alcoholic is a no-no, snubbing your friends is a bad thing, making people happy, doing charity work, having a worthy job (surgeon or 'good' lawyer or police officer), is all very positive. I am thinking of making Kudos not something you get for being hip or different, but for doing worthy stuff. Catching a mugger is no longer about bragging rights, its about making the world a better place.
This is my current direction. I am still not 100% decided. Once I am, it will be full steam ahead in code and content terms.

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