Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keep Fit Code

I thought I had a horrid bug in kudos, uncovered as I reworked a lot of the games work-related stuff to be script, rather than code based.
But it turns out the sim is just a big cleverer than I recall. I wondered why when I applied a certain value to the characters tiredness, they didn't get that tired, but it turns out that tiredness is modulated by the level of fitness. People who go to the gym aren't so tired if they walk to work etc.
What's a bit bad is that people who have tiring jobs aren't getting fit from them, which presumably, you should do.

In any case, getting the game to be more scriptable is a good thing. Whereas previously the effects of each job came froma spreadsheet, now they are individual scripts. This means a LOT of scripts, but I auto-generated them from the old data, so it's no big deal.

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