Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crazy Support Request

A day or two ago, I got an amazing email along these lines:

"I pirated your game from a torrent site. The patches on your site do not seem to work, and I think I have found a bug [bug details]. is there a patch for this?

What a moron.

My answer was just to tell the guy to sod off. But apparently this was a bit too vague, as he emailed me again asking if there was any chance of tech support.
In case he is not alone, and some other people have not got this through their heads...
Pirating a game is NOT POPULAR with the people who make that game for a living. We do not 'understand your reasons' or 'turn a blind eye', or 'appreciate that you liked the game and might buy the next one'.
If you shoplifted, and the shoplifted item was faulty, would you go back and complain?

I dread to think how this guy will get on in the rest of his life. Such a sense of entitlement, without any concept of right or wrong makes someone totally unemployable. Thankfully, most people are honest, and *do* buy my games when they like them.
A big thanks goes out to all those honest people who have kept me in business. I really appreciate it.

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