Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still hanging in there

I read a forum post recently by an indie gamer who is depressed and considering going back to full time employment. I can't say I'm surprised.
Most indies sell less games than I do, and take longer to make their games. Some of them have kids, and thus need more money anyway. The chances of a random selected indie gamer being able to survive comfortably from making PC games are very low.
Added to that, the lifestyle of the indie sucks big time. I work with people in the USA and Australia, which means just as most people have finished work for the day, I'm dealing with new emails and discussions about work over msn.
Sure, I work from home, with no boss, no commute, and no co-workers, but I also cannot physically get away from my job.
But just as I hear about one indie leaving, I realise that another team of indies are doing a hell of a job. Check out this game:

Its a pretty unpolished and unfinished RPG, but forget all of that and play the 'quick battles' on horseback. That bit is truly excellent. I wish them every success.

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