Friday, January 11, 2008

Ooops, seven thousand pounds overdrawn

Sooo... I get a call from the bank, and the bank says you need to check your account, and when I do, I see why. I appear to be seven thousand pounds in the red.


But thankfully it's not another Jeremy Clarkson incident. But happily, its just a silly mistake by the accountant, paying my yearly income tax before I had put the carefully set-aside money in the right account.
Happily, despite having a £500 limit, and going over it by a factor of 14, my bank were happy not to charge me a penny for doing so. Would your bank do that?
Mine is

Of course this all comes in the same week that I needed my car fixed, and to tax it for another year. Combine UK car tax levels with UK income tax and you wonder how the hell you are supposed to make a living doing this stuff.
Bah.. :(

I'm busy fiddling with some older code in possible preparation for redoing an older game, following indecision as to exactly what to do next. Ho hum.

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