Friday, September 21, 2007

Making The Countries Different

I did some work today trying to make the different pre-selected countries in the game differ a bit from each other. Each one has a different set of starting policies, a different demographic, and you get to choose currencies, party names and tweak some values (like initial unemployment). They each come with different debt levels too. I started re-doing some of their flags yesterday to fit in better with the type of state I was hoping to create.

I also started adding a few special switches that let me change a country, so some suffer from political apathy (low turnout) others have compulsory voting. Some have a monarchy, others suffer from earthquakes and hurricanes. There is still lots of scope to add more.

I haven't managed to get re-elected yet, so i know the game isn't too easy.
I also added some more policies. I spent ages trying to do a 64x64 icon for 'micro-generation grants' as a policy. Ended up with this:

I should have some proper artwork to show off next week.

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