Thursday, September 20, 2007

Artwork, Sounds and Gameplay

It's all gradually coming together. just put in the very first basic code for the music playback. This will be the first time I've commissioned music from scratch for a game (Rock Legends music had rewritten lyrics and was re-recorded, but it was an existing song).
Also, I am getting the first look at some of the final artwork that will represent the voter groups. This will hopefully be my most polished looking and sounding game to date, and I sure hope that gets reflected in it's sales. I did a long play through yesterday, and the gameplay is coming together. I had just about pulled the economy back together, and although I was fairly popular, I got kicked out of office due to a poor turnout from my supporters on election night. Most annoying.

In other news I got a book by Marvin Minsky on AI yesterday, looks pretty interesting so far. I must make an appointment to take Jack Sparrow (2nd cat) to the vet at some point for a booster jab. We have given up on ever getting Jadzia to get in a box and be carried out of the house to the vets, I lost too much BLOOD last time. If we ever move house we will have to tranquillize her.

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