Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adwords distress

about 72 hours ago now, I got an email from google complaining that my account details were invalid and they had frozen payments.


Although actually it wasn't, because their direct debit form had accepted my bank details, then flagged an error saying the sort code was wrong (it isn't), but then accepted them anyway. Except they hadn't really.
So fine, I switch back to my old card for the account.
And the whole batch of ad campaigns has been frozen ever since. Google, meanwhile have ignored numerous messages and emails from me.
Google adwords used to be great, but over the last year or so it has got more and more hard work to just run some campaigns. It seems like quality control at google has slipped. They used to be just a search engine company and were the best at it. then came the ads. Now google do everything but sell crisps, and my experience suggests that their core business is flakier than it ever has been.
I have lots of play through stuff to do on Democracy tomorrow, finally finished fiddling with Rock Legend

UPDATE -> Finally all sorted out, by re-entering my old bank details. A bit annoying, but my ads are running fine again. google did get back to me, after several days, they need to fix their response times.

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