Friday, September 07, 2007

Slow but steady

Recent progress on Democracy 2 -> the Ultimate political strategy game (hello googlebot)

So.... I'm currently looking at the manifesto pledges in the game. there was a short list in the original game, because tbh, they were kind of 'tacked on' towards the very end of development. I'm adding a new 'class' of manifesto promise -> the promise to cancel something. So you can pledge to cancel property tax (for example). and if you have not done so at the next election, you will get penalized.
Did a one-term play through today with no bugs or crashes, which is cool. Found the game a bit easy, but that's because the global economic cycle code was screwed up and always positive. I've finished off the mini-scripting support by doing the code for ministerial firings and resignations. Also, this morning I finalised text for the 'attack' events, where annoyed pressure groups try to kill you.
I'm aiming to get into a play-testable mode within a month, hopefully I should have my music and artwork done by then, and then we will have to think about the long balancing and testing period. I'm guessing right now that we are looking at shipping the game in late November maybe?

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