Thursday, February 01, 2007


I've got a bit of a design dilemma in the Rock Star Game.
I've trundled along with two values for a while now in the game, one of which is 'Fame' and another 'Hype'.
FAME is basically your score, rated from 0 to 100, where 100 is mega famous, and basically you have won at this point.
HYPE is some measure of your grass roots support, and dictates how many people will show up at your gigs, and to some extent how well your albums will sell. Basically, fame is the upper limit on your current success, and the level of hype determines how you do within that range.
But I'm not convinced.
The problem is, Hype generates more hype, and fame generates more fame (in the real world). Some people are famous for being famous. It's a positive feedback loop, which is an absolute no-no for a balanced game.

So I'm struggling with what to do.

I like the idea of a separate 'fame' score, because that's like a distinct long-term measure of success, based on major things like good albums and good live shows, whereas hype is a more flittering thing depending on how many radio interviews you did this month, or if you gave out enough leaflets.

The last thing I want is for it to not make sense to the player. Maybe hype should be called 'grassroots support' or 'publicity'? bands can have a lot of publicity but be unpopular right?


maybe Fame is really Popularity, and Hype is really Publicity..... I like that....

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