Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I want YOUR band.

Are you in a band? or is a friend of your in a band? Do they want some free publicity?
If so, maybe we can arrange something. I will be needing the following for my game:

Band Names
Band member names
Music for the game
Some recordings of band-stuff, sound check stuff (testing one...two.. etc) the typical rock band vocal bits of "thank you!" "goodnight!" etc etc.

Want to be in a video game?
I can promise credits in the errrrr credits, but no cash. My games don't make enough money that I think it's ok to waste it on having pop stars do radio commentary (*cough*) , so its really just a bit of fun for those bands still in the garage. If I get enough bands involved, I'll probably dedicate part of the games website to them, and certainly link to their sites, have some photos and sound samples etc.
If you are in a band, you have a website (and legit email addy from that site), and are interested, email me at illdoit_andidontwantmoney AT positech dot co dot uk :D

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