Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Battlefield 2 multiplayer idea

Here's an idea. someone with an FPS please implement it :
When you play an online game, especially one based on teamwork like BF2, you will always encounter some people who play like total jerks. They are the ones who teamkill, who spam the voice commands to everyone, who have macros to spam the chat channel with a load of nonsense. They are the ones who shoot endlessly even when nobody is around, serving only to betray their position. They play for glory rather than points, they are jetwhores, and happy to steal your tank while you are repairing it.
Then there are the good guys. The teamplayers, happy to be medics or support or engineers if the squad needs it. they always join a squad, they resupply you when you need it. They will risk exposure to enemy fire to revive fallen squadmates. They spot enemy snipers, refrain from throwing grenades when allies may be too close etc.

Obviously we all want to play with the good guys, and not with the jerks, but we have a hard time engineering this. When I look at the server browser, I can see (if needed) a list of everyone on every server but without a fantastic memory, the information is useless.
What's needed is a method by which in a game, I can 'tag' someone (maybe aim at them and press a certain key) as a 'friend' or 'foe', and have the central account server remember my choices. Then, in the server browser, each server can, together with its ping, have a ranking showing how many friends and foes are in that game. To avoid abuse, you would have to keep all this info private.
Is there a system that does this? if not, why not?

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