Sunday, January 07, 2007

Art Time

Ok, I'm going to get some artwork done. The last time I did this, I kind of blew it, because I paid for loads of art, then shortly afterwards decided to do a different game instead. I won't do that this time. Nosiree. This time, I'm going to plough ahead and get the darned thing done.
I'm at the tricky stage with the new 'rock star' game, where I have written quite a lot of code, and done lots of art mockups, and even some final 'coder-art' (yeah, I'm confident about *some* of it enough to leave it in) , but I don't have much in the way of that necessary cool artwork that looks good in screen shots, as well as making me feel generally really motivated about the look of the game.
I've emailed an artist for a quote, and hopefully it won't break the bank. I'm hoping to get a sample bit of work done first (paid for, of course), so I can check we are 'on the same page'.
The thing I'm starting with is the 'rival band' photos. These are quite large (300 px wide) images of the other bands that you can go check out for inspiration while you are working your way to the top. I'm hoping for some really cheesy publicity photo style pics that you get on flyposters. Lots of people holding guitars in silly positions, and wearing sunglasses.
This kinda thing:

How on earth big companies can employ an artist and work for months without being sure about how the game will play is beyond me. I bite my fingernails over spending a few hundred dollars on art I may not use.

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