Monday, September 18, 2006

Starship Tycoon 2

I'm working on Starship Tycoon 2. I was thinking of at least 3 totally original games to do next, and I even started work on one of them, but I've started this now instead. It's very difficult for me to decide what to do next. I know that neither Democracy or Kudos has sold as many copies as they have the potential to do, but its tough to keep tweaking the same game over and over. In the end, you just lose all perspective on it.

I don't have much done yet, I have a very basic application framework, some ships moving around an docking at planets etc, and some basic windowed and scrolling GUI thats eerily similar to Kudos.

I have a lot of ideas on improving on the original game, and I know its a popular idea, having sold tens of thousands in retail (not that I earned anything from it...). My only problem now is making the sequel stand out from the original in design terms, and not copying the old interface too slavishly. Right now it looks very similar.
I plan of actually paying a proper artist to do proper art for this one. I've already picked who I'll be using, although I won't approach them till I have more of a working game, and am 100% certain this is my next product.
I hate starting new games, I'm much happier during the final 25% of dev time.

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