Thursday, September 07, 2006


Its extremely difficult to work on a video game that you aren't motivated by. Ironically, the vast majority of people in the industry are often in this position. Even if you are a total video game obsessive, you won't like *all* game genres. At some point you will work on a game you hate, and even if its a genre you like, the theme, the design, or the platform may not excite you.
I've been lucky, and tended to work on games I like the sound of. I've never written code for a cricket game, a barbie game, or a beat-em-up.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the flipside of the equation isn't all roses either. As a one-man-band, I *could* do anything I like. Granted, this means I can choose the game I want to do, and then get stuck into it. Effectively, I'm doing exactly what game I like, as a job. So far so good.

But it also means I can change my mind *at any time*, and do something else. Thats a VERY strong temptation. I currently have 3 new C++ projects, all 3 of them are strategy(ish) games. One has a political slant, one has a tycoonish slant, one has a very strange RPGish slant. I've started work on all three, and keep changing my mind.
I'm thinking of going with the tycoonish one now, but that's today. Who knows what will happen tommorow? once I'm 3 months in, I know I won't turn back, but that's a long way off!

I got my first ever gamepad today. I am now ready for LEGO STAR WARS TWO!

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