Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tempest ahead, warp factor five

I saw shakespeares 'The Tempest' last night, with Patrick Staurt in. The last time I saw Shakespeare was Much Ado at the Globe theater and it was superb. This time I thought it was pretty dire. I'm not sure if they had excstacy back then, but Will was certainly on something strong when he wrote this. I much prefer "The forbidden Planet" which is apparently a sci-fi take on the same 'story'.
Ho hum.

In other news, Theres a bit of a silly bug in the internet update screen for Kudos. Dang. That means I can't leave it for ages before the next patch, and I should be busy working on a separate version of it for someone...
Sales trickle along ok, could be better, could be worse, but I'm not scraping for food yet. I have actually bought a book to do 'research' for my next game. Wow, I am taking it seriously aren't I?

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