Saturday, August 26, 2006

65% in PC Gamer

That's their Kudos Review score. Its a full page review. 65% doesn't sound very good, but when you read the review, its very very positive, which makes the score seem a bit inconsistant. Anyway, good to get some local coverage.

I noticed that Manifesto Games ( have sort-of launched. I'm not blown away by the site design, but it's ok, but when I "to see how it works" went to buy a game, I had to 'register as a user' first. That gets on my nerves, I dont want to enter your database of email targets, I just wan't to buy something, quickly and anonymously as I can, like buying bread in the supermarket, I shouldn't have to register to do that.
But what's this?
That is so *wrong* it's unbelievable. It is, sadly an increasing trend in society. The way I see my demos, they are free, they are quick to download, easy to download, and I don't care who downloads them. Do it, do it now, feel free, I *Want* everyone on earth to try the Democracy and Kudos demos. I'll even pay the bandwidth costs. go for it.
I have that approach because my demos are my marketing tool. I use them to get more sales, the whole point of a demo is to get more sales. So why on earth would you put ANY restrictions on who got them?
But they do. Not just manifesto, but other companies. Try downloading the latest cool RTS or FPS. Did you get it on a fast, no-hassle no-wait direct .exe download from the developer or publisher?
I doubt it, even though that's what A humble company like mine can provide. Not only do they insist you go to some other site like 3dgamers or fileplanet, but those sites make it even harder...

Firstly they want to spam you wityh popups and adverts as you download.
Secondly, they want you to wait in a queue for it
Thirdly, they wont let you have a fast download unless you *pay* for some *premium* package.
These websites give you news about games, and demo downloads of games, all of which is advertising, promotion and marketing for the games themselves (websites are sadly slim on the critical journalism), and people will *pay extra* to be marketed to faster????
I guess its nothing new, lots of people pay a premium to have a t shirt with the marketing logo for some company, effectively paying to be a walking billboard. ironically I note that I'm typing this wearing an Anse Chastanet hotel T shirt, but in my defence, it was free.

Releasing 1.12 of Kudos today, just minor bug fixes and tweaks for now, more content to come at some point...

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