Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bigger, Shinier webhost

Ok, so it seems that post-kudos, 100 gig/month just ain't cutting it, so I had to leap up to the MUCH more expensive ($75/month) 'semi-dedicated' server option instead. To their credit, hostgator have done a good job in transferring the files and support, my last web host (webaxxs) claimed I'd have to copy the files over myself, as they couldn't do it. doh!
Unfortunately it means the domains nameservers need changing. simple eh? well it would be if my website had its domains bought through some reseller with a 'tag'. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, my main domain name has a 'neutral nominet tag', and the only way to change the nameservers is to write or or fax nominet a signed letter on 'company headed paper' to prevent fraud.
Lets examine this:

1) my signature is just a scrawl, no proof whatsoever its me, 128 bit digitally signed emails are way more secure
2) my 'company headed paper' doesn't exist, so I knocked some up in word in 2 mins, again, hardly a wax seal using the kings cygnet ring
3) This is a major UK internet company. And their preffered method of communication is a piece of parchment with some squid fluid smeared on it.

I'm resigned to the fact that there is nothing I can do about it, but it still amazes me. This is 2006. Lets relegate ink signatures and fax machines to the last century shall we?

Kudos 1.11 looks superb, lots of nice changes, I'm bug testing it now, got some real awkward-to-reproduce ones...

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