Saturday, December 10, 2005

Game Tunnel - Players choice game of the year!
You might recognise GameTunnel as one of the most popular games sites that reviews indie games (like mine). Democracy is up for consideration as simulation game of the year (I never know whether to call it sim or strategy) but also as the 'players choice' vote too,
So come on, you know you want to! here is the voting page:
You need to have an account there, but that takes 2 minutes to confirm your email address (they never send spam so dont worry), and you can be voting for the best indie game of the year! (Don't forget that's MY game - DEMOCRACY :D).
In other news, sales are fairly slack still, which is worrying, 3rd party game is going great. I've been doing some of the low key marketing stuff you have to do as an indie, like emailing sites asking for reviews, updating screenshots and descriptions on download sites etc etc. I'm not running any big ad campaign right now which I think might explain my low sales.

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