Thursday, October 13, 2005

Although I started making progress on the secret new game, I have revisited Democracy for a while. It's always good to go back and take a fresh look at something you created before. I wish the guys who did big games could do it, I know of a dozen things I'd do differently if I could go back and spend a month on 'The Movies' for example. That's just not (generally) the way retail games work.
I've added another 4 dilemmas to Democracy, and I've rewritten some of the GUI stuff for the tutorial, because when the game starts the tutorial it looks really scary, I'm experimenting with hiding big chunks of interface until the tutorial gets to them. Hopefully that will make the game more approachable.
Also, I've got a new menu background (rather than using a flag). I was wondering if that's silly because it makes the game (and demo) 1MB bigger, but today I hear that Duke Nukem Forever is now 9 Gigs. Of course the difference is that my game is finished, and hasn't take 25 years :D

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