Monday, October 03, 2005

I managed to sneak out a new version of Democracy today. Apart from 1 typo, version 1.1.8 is a purely cosmetic upgrade. Instead of clicking a button that starts a mission, it now displays a picture of that country, with some overlaid data such as debt level, population and unemployment etc, and then you can click a button to play the selected level. This lets you go through and pick the most debt ridden country if you are feeling adventurous. Hopefully it also sets the mood a bit more.
This bumped the full install from 18 to 24 MB, but with broadband becoming more and more popular I've decided this is no big deal. I know casual game makers balk at 10MB, but this is more aimed at the hardcore.
I also emailed a selection of Politics teacher today to let them know about the game, I've chosen them carefully as people teaching general politics or political decision making.
I even had some time to do some work on the secret new game. I just need to get the momentum going on that one.

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