Saturday, October 01, 2005

I've gone ahead and bought a domain name for my next game. It cost £20 for 2 years, I only ever want domain names that are .com these days. I am forever cursed with a web address. Very frustrating.
Anyway, this could be seen as a statement of intent as to how serious I am about doing this game. Partly, I just wanted to buy the name before someone else did. I'm still suprised I got The thing is, virtually every conceievable domain name has been snapped up these days.
Anyway, work continues on the top secret new game, I have a GUI up and running, some text, a few windows, even done some placeholder artwork... Its another strategy game without a 3D or even a 2D world. I learned from Democracy that people aren't bothered by such things, they just want a fun game.
Probably another 6 months to go...

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