Wednesday, March 02, 2005

been away for a few days. I read THIS BOOK and its absolutely superb, truly fascinating, yet also very scary just how easily manipulated people are by the power of suggestion. Thats one of my pet topics, I love reading about NLP etc.
Today I've been bughunting on Starship Tycoon. replaced my old assert dialog with a new one that prepares an emailed bug report for the user to email me which should help. I also fixed a bug to do with the display of scrap values for ship modules, added a delay upon hiring to prevent gratuitous crew complaints, and added support for saved custom ship names. I Haven't uploaded the new version yet, its pending feedback from a user.
Also done a lot of tedious grunt work in terms of save/load support for Democracy. I also have a proper democracy installer now. All I need is the last icons, some serious playesting, the debugging (of course) and then a general 'check' that the gameplay is as good as it can be.

Sales from Starship Tycoon and Planetary Defence are great, nearly passed the $1,000/month point last month, just 5 bucks short.

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