Friday, March 04, 2005

Another story today on slashdot about violence in videogames. It amazes me how so many computer games geeks get so massivly defensive about what they enjoy that they are totally blind to the arguments, even when they are backed up by scientific research.
For the record, I think violent video games like GTA3, Soldier of fortune and manhunt are very bad for kids, and if its impractical to prevent under 16s getting them, they should be banned. If I ran a videogame store I wouldn't stock these games, I'd certainly not work on one.
Video games have a wealth of cool worlds for us to explore. Games like Sim City, Creatures and Black and White are amazing worlds with so much to learn and enjoy. Yet some clueless twits always try and release a 'shock' game with more sex and violencein it.
I find this sad and pathetic, and insulting as a gamer.
I'm not turned on by dead or alive volleyball, and I'm not shocked by GTA3, just sad that so many gaming dollars have been wasted on these subject matters when there is so much more worthy titles on the shelves.
I play COD online lots, and enjoy it tons. But if I had a 9yr old kid no way would I let him play it. I think its wrong to teach kids that killing is fun at that age.
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