Friday, February 18, 2005

forgot to announce this here:

Source Code Released

Thats a zip containing the complete source code to Asteroid Miner, the first game I ever released. the code is darned embarrasing in terms of how rubbish it is, but it did the job, even made a few hundred bucks, probably over a thousand bucks by now, so I shouldn't complain.

I've got some polishing done on democracy, still re-jigging icons and re-arranging stuff, plus I added a progress bar for the load screen and made the custom currency stuff work so that america uses dollars etc. One of the beauties of using GDI for text is that the euro symbol is no big deal :D

Is it me or is MSDN really hard to use these days? theres so much crap on there that the search stuff is useless. Im not into .NEt development, c#, VB Windows CE or any of that other crap. just show me the goddamned platform SDK for C you swine!

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