Saturday, December 11, 2004

No screenshots yet, maybe tomorrow...
I did some playtesting and my first impression is that I'd prefer the game to be quite a bit more complex and involved than it already is. I like the idea of it being a deep simulation that you would have to really think about and concentrate on in order to get the results you want.
This goes noticeably against the grain of most independent small downloadable games, which tend to be aimed at the casual gamer and are often puzzle or arcade games. I'm thinking about making this a deliberate part of the games marketing, making a big deal out of how complex it is, almost daring the potential gamer to take it on as a challenge, even suggesting that other sim games are just trivial toys by comparison ;)

I updated my listing for Starship Tycoon yesterday. The file was out of date. I was considering trying out their pay-per-download idea, although I'm wary of committing to the full $500 in one go.

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