Monday, May 17, 2004

Well thinsg are going well on the games front. I sold $90 worth of shareware yesterday which is unusually good ;) I have a day off work today to take jadzia to the vets. she needs her teeth cleaning (under anasthetic) and also a test for FIV. Hopefully she will test out ok. She had to be starfed from 6pm last night which was a bit hard on her... poor puss. Im picking her up later. hope shes ok.
Im working on govt today, adding some customisation to the sliders that control policies. My plan is to have some with a continous slider that lets you adjust tax levels from say, 1% up to 30% etc, and other sliders could just be described in words like "low" "high" etc.
Then for some policies that are more like laws, I could have (for example in gun control) "total ban" "strict licensing" "licensing" "handguns only" "no limit".
I think that makes the interface a lot more usable and interesting than just plain sliders.
Also been playing eve, with a new character, jesus that game is addictive.

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