Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ok help me out with this....
Its obvious that in the real world, changes in govt spending might take a while to take effect. If i increase my Rail subsidies by 50%, it could take months or even years for this to filter through into an effective change wihich voters will appreciate.
So should I put this in the game?
Part of me reckons its essential, because it prevents you taking sudden action the month before an election, and means you need to actually plan for your second term during the middle of your first term, but at the same time worry about the short run too.
The problem is the extra layer of complexity and how to represent this visually to the player.
Maybe the policy slider has a 'ghosted-out' slider shwoing where it currently is, which interpolates towards the target over time?
or maybe I explain it with text?
I need it to be obvious that this is happening to the player without them reading the manual or getting confused.
will the player be confused?

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