Sunday, April 25, 2004

well I've released 2.19a of ST, I can't find any more bugs. Back to government.
Why is there no real competition to paypal? I've docu,mented thir stupidity in the past, but suffice to say that due to database fuckups on their part, they refuse to let me sign up an account or use my credit card. So they get zero custom from me. Paypal really need some good competitors.
Also... I bought some trainers yesterday, this was much harder than in need be. They are all overpriced, (if they have prices on at all), and the shops are staffed by disinterested 12 year old boys, or in some cases, no staff whatsoever. There are lots of things I could spend my money on, so if you don't supply staff in your store who are motivated enough to say "can i help?" to a guy holding a shoe he obviously wanst to try on, then I'll keep my money.
Companies that don't make even a minimal effort to sell to me won't get my money, its really that simple.

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