Friday, April 16, 2004

trying to get the movies save/load code to be tolerant of adding new variables (and removing them) so we can basically change the game, and still load old save games.
its hard but not impossible.
also been doing my best to wipe out some of those sad warez sites that post serial numbers of games. mine arent affected yet, but it really annoys me when people are too lame to pay $10 for a computer game. The arrogance of some software pirates drives me mad. grrrrrrrrr
shaun of the dead is a very funny film, but very British. if you've seen Spaced, you'll lvoe it, if your a geek and havent watched spaced, then BUY IT NOW on dvd (its a british sci-fi geeky TV series about some computer game geeks sharing a flat). its massively funny.

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