Thursday, February 07, 2008

So what is NLP Then?

In reference to an earlier blog post, NLP is Neural Linguistic programming. It's used a lot in therapy, but it can be used in all sorts of ways. basically its a way to communicating information, interpreting peoples emotions, controlling your own emotions, and giving out information by means of indirection.
If you have ever watched Derren Brown seemingly read peoples thoughts or persuade someone to do something weird without any effort, that's NLP (he is awesome at it).

Amazingly, I do not use NLP to hypnotize people into buying my games. (It's an interpersonal real-life thing anyway, not something you can do using HTML). The way I use NLP is to (try to) control how I feel. Anyone who knows me in real life who thinks I am a completely hyper arrogant confrontational git, should have known me before I started reading about NLP :D.

It takes a while to really 'Get' NLP, and its easy to be very sceptical of it, but the simplest and easiest principle of it is that the way you look, sound and stand/sit are a reflection of your emotions, but you can reverse the process. In other words, if you are miserable, adopting a happier posture, expression and choice of words when you talk etc, can actually have the effect of changing your emotional state.
Simply put, it's hard to stay miserable when you are smiling :D. Once you have done it a bit, you realise how its entirely a matter of choice how you feel. Nobody can make you angry, they can only give you excuses or justifications for anger.

NLP is very useful. It has some interesting techniques such as 'anchoring'. Anchoring allows you to tie emotions and memories to a physical action. I can rub my hands in a certain way and effectively be back on a balcony at a breakfast table in Costa Rica.
I used to do it a lot in meetings :D.

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