Monday, May 21, 2007

Fixing some minor things, dithering about length

Should the game last 5 years or ten?
Originally it was five. This seemed a good length, with lots going on, and a nice point to end. Kudos took ten, but this isn't kudos, its different. Feedback from some publishing types encouraged ten, and I made the changes, but now I'm thinking five again. I keep dithering between the two...
I think the very best games let most people play them to the end, and are so good, they want to do it again. KRL isn't an RPG or an FPS, it has replayability, its more like Civilisation than any other game I can think of. The minute it ends, you think to yourself "if only I'd sacked that bass player earlier" or "I should have taken that record deal".

I'm pretty convinced I'll switch back to five.

In other news, I added the first go at the page that lists some of the bands whose names and song names feature in the game:


If you are in a band (and have a cool name), and want to be featured, get emailing (see yesterdays post).

I'm still on schedule for a Saturday morning release, just fixing bugs as I encounter them now, and always playing a release build to track any release-mode only problems. I'm also alternating between my new Vista PC and my old XP one to find compatibility issues.
Not long to go...

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