Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cat : 1, Cliff: 0

Jadzia (my eldest cat) had to go for a booster injection today. Just after 9.30am, i'll put her in the box and drive the short distance to the vets.


around 9.39, I finally accept defeat, and call the vets to cancel, whilst mopping up most of the blood from my hand and putting a bandage on it.
Grrrr. When are they going to sell one of those guns that they use to tranquilise tigers. I need one of those...

Release date for Kudos : Rock Legend has been set at 26th May. I've revamped some of the GUI and it looks a lot better. I'll be tweaking the appearance of the 'relax between gigs' bit today. I also intend to spend a good few days of solid playtesting to ensure all the numbers are right.

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