Friday, May 11, 2007

Rock legend Release Delayed

I was planning on releasing the game for sale today, but I've been persuaded to put it back for a few days, probably less than a week. I'm adding some new stuff before release now:

I'll be hopefully arranging for some new artwork, to make parts of the UI better.
I've added 3 more venues, and they will need some testing
I added band managers, and changed some gameplay so you need a manager to book certain gigs, and to get product endorsement offers.
I'll be making some tweaks to the start of the game, giving you some 'cover version' songs to start off, which can't be edited which make the start of the game a bit quicker and more fun.
I may add a few more band member NPCs too.
I'm doubling the game length to ten years, so that will need extensive rebalancing.

This should all end up making the game that much easier to get into, and more accessible, and hopefully give it a more polished feel. The people who have tested it have all said the game is very good and addictive, so I have no worries about the general gameplay, its just tweaking.

Todays rock n roll pinup is....


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