Saturday, September 23, 2006

I need a good sci-fi landscape artist

So here i am working on the sequel to Starship Tycoon and I'm starting to think about artwork. I already have artists picked who I will ask to do the starship component and crew profile stuff, once I know my exact requirements, but I have an additional requirement that is more specific.
I need planetary landscapes.
Ideally I need lots of variety. So one might be a view of a spaceport landing strip in a desert, another would be a bustling city on an ice planet, another a few small space age hovels on a rocky, airless world, maybe one of a large rocky planetoid orbiting a gas giant. etc etc
I don't think I can just go to 'any' artists and get that.
There are, however, lots of artists who LOVE doing this kind of thing, and churn out lots of the stuff. They spend days tweaking variables in bryce or terragen or 3d studio max to get the right amount of atmospheric scattering or realistic foliage displacement (i made that up). They might not be able to draw a cat or do good brick textures, but they know a thing or two about creating alien landscapes.

I need to find artists like this who
1) are good
2) have a style I think suits the game and
3) will let me licence maybe a dozen of their pictures for a reasonable price.

its 3) that really matters. Some artists aren't great business people. They get very protective of their art and assume if anyone runs a business, esp a games business, that they should pay tens of thousands of dollars for their art.
Not so.
Firstly I don't have 10,000 dollars to spend. Secondly, I'm not looking for exclusive art, just a licence to re-use what you already did. But if your a space-artist that has a bunch of these images you think would suit, get in touch (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk), and let's talk.

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