Saturday, September 24, 2005

I have a new executive toy. I use the phrase in the loosest sense. Its a Klingon dagger, the one with the little side blades that spring out of the pommel. Its very l33t. I'm using it as a letter opener. It's also damn sharp. I can shred a letter from the taxman with just 3 easy strokes. Doubtless a trained Klingon warrior would provide more of a challenge.
I've been working on the German installer for Democracy, just had a few bits of bad data to clearup, and 3 or 4 stupidly hardcoded strings. I think the long term solution is to set up your text renderer so its incapable of being passed anything but a translation key.
Work on my new game is sporadic, but I have 2 days off coming up (having new windows fitted...) so I will have 2 full days of hammering away code on a laptop which should help. I'm still pretty keen on the concept, and think it has potential, but as with all my games, its nailing the presentation and design that will be difficult.
Democracy is selling quite well in universities, but its tough finding the right contacts to really promote it amongst students.

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