Saturday, November 27, 2004

I just added a new ship module (fuel scoop) to Starship Tycoon.
Sales have been low lately, and I've been analysing why this is. As far as i can tell. 1.8% of people downloading the game buy it, but if I count in people not downloading direct from me I suspect its more like 0.9%
This is no good, so I took a look at how to improve on the conversion rate.
Its a tough thing to fix if you don't know WHY people decide not to buy the game. I'm guessing people think there isn't enough 'in' the game, so I'm trying to fix that by adding mroe content.
I also fixed a mistake where the game defaulted to novice difficulty.
I wish I had the enthusiasm to spend all day coing democracy, but I'm feeling a bit demotivated. the game is so complex it takes some energy to get coding. My next game will be simpler ;)
(probably not).

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