Thursday, November 25, 2004

Been busy updating Starship Tycoon (lowered the price for an experimental period and released an update to it), working on democracy and other stuff.
I got scammed by ebay,
I guess its my own fault. I didnt pay much attention to what I was buying, just looking for a cheap DVD boxed set. When it turns up, its clearly a pirate copy.
I notice all the other buyers from this guy leave positive feedback, even admitting its bootleg stuff.
This is crazy. This guy is ripping people off. Granted hes ripping off paramount, hardly a mom-and-pop firm, but its still not justifiable.
Ive left negative feedback, and raised a claim with paypal. I dont give up on things like this easily ;)
Hopefulyl I will at least inconvenience the guy, and maybe get my cash back.
The DVD playback quality is poor, and 1 disk is missing.
Dont buy bootleg DVDs, they arent worth it.

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