Thursday, October 21, 2004

Been doing some design work on democracy. heres the latest look:

I'm pleased with the rounded stuff in the middle. I hate the numbers at the bottom right. still lots to do, but it looks better and better to me.
Heard a lot of *interesting* views on the industry today, not all ones I agree with, but thats life when you work on a big game as a day job. Got to see the Movies on a cinema screen and it looked very very good. Hopefully it will be a major hit. Certainly lots of work has gone into it.

My advertising is generating lots of hits. my customer feedback suggests people play Starship tycoon for 24-48 hours before buying, so hopefully I'll sell a few copies over the next few days.
Happy brithday goes out to I regularly visit this site to see if any interesting new games have been released. Some of the bst games out there are small games, and I prefer them to 'triple A titles'. I like games I can download and install in 15 minutes and play on a low spec laptop. I also like Call of Duty, so I'm kind of a gamer with 2 lives ;)