Saturday, October 16, 2004

Still pretty poor on the sales front. It looks like the banner ads and so-on that I used to do are the most effective way to drive sales. I have my doubts about how effective google adwords are.
Hopefully I'll get my flash advert this weekend, and hopefully I'll be happy with it!
I have got a fair bit of work done on democracy. I'm torn between getting it done and on sale by Christmas (possible) and increasing my effort on it and hoping to make it a bigger success in the long term. I'll certainly pitch it to some retail publishers when its done, To be honest the game will be a success if it matches Starship Tycoon for sales, because it will have taken a LOT less effort to develop. Apparently 'The Political Machine' cost $200,000 to make, so I'm a pretty low budget effort in comparison (I'll probably spend just a few hundred dollars on art, and a few hundred dollars on initial promotion).

Oh and get well soon dad!