Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I was given a copy of Rome Total War today. The campaign mode is good (once you bypass all the annoying as hell advisors, logos and other such crap retail games insist on bugging you with, but im unconvinced by the battle part. It moves too quickly, and you seem to have almost no control over your units. It looks nice, but then so do movies, and I suddenly realised half way through a battle that the AI code was probably having more fun than i was.
This is a critical design flaw, and one I'm determined not to repeat on Democracy.
People keep telling me that I haven't given it a fair chance, that if I learn all the hotkeys, read the manual, play for x hours etc, that its really good.
But I'm 35 this month. Lifes too short. 'Maybe' I'll have fun if i dedicate my life to the game, but thats like people who say you should keep reading a dull book because it gets better at the end.
When I pay money to be entertained (ok it was a freebie...) I expect to be entertained. I don't want to have to do a lot of hard work first. Especially when there are so many 'instant fun' games out there like Call Of Duty.