Friday, April 09, 2004

Well today I sold 2 copies of Starship Tycoon, and I got some good work done on Government. Its getting close now to what it looked like in my mockup. You can select policies, and have their details shown in the middle of the screen, and adjust their spending using the slider.
Tommorow hopefully Ill get the button in to go to the next turn, and add the code to handle the transition from one turn to another.
The two big things in this game are going to be the simulation itself, and adding the data for all the policies. I reckon I need 500 policies to make the game playable, which is a lot of data. Hopefully I'll find a way to use Excel, and some kind of CSV format to manage the policies, as using ini files for that much data isn't a realistic option as things get big.

Havne't heard about the delivery of my Afrika Corps game, which is a shame, so I ended up playing Ultra Assault. Its ok, but to be honest, Star Monkey is better.

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