Saturday, January 17, 2004

How many of you reading this don't have antivirus software installed? or a firewall? I don't understand why people leave themselves so open to attack. Every day I get about 10 mail bounces from people clai,ming I sent them an email with a virus. I didn't of course, my protection is updated daily, I have a firewall running and never open dodgy attachments, the address has been spoofed, but its amazing how many people out there are letting a virus or worm run free on their system.
Its depressing to think I need a firewall, monthly payments to antivirus forms, and a yearly payment to spamcop, just to use the email service I pay for without coming under attack.
The sooner life imprisonment becomes mandatory for spammers the better. I reported to spamcop, as even though I have unsubscribed from their list 3 times over 3 weeks they stil send me emails. Just because you buy something from someone doesnt give them the right to pester you for the rest of your life. If I buy sausages from my local Butcher, he doesnt knock on my door every morning saying "we have a special offer on bacon sir".

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